2003 – 2004 Fantasy Football League Rules

**Please review**

  1. The League is made up of 12 teams broken down into 3 divisions
  2. There are 14 regular season Fantasy Football Games this year.

At the end of the 14th game, each division winner plus the next 5 teams with the best record go on to the playoffs.

  1. The Playoffs consist of the last 3 weeks of the NFL’s regular season. The rest is handled just like the pro’s, the team with the best record plays the team with the worst record and so on until we end up with 2 teams playing in the Fantasy Superbowl on the 17th week.
  2. Each Team consists of a 16-man roster PLUS 2 injured reserve positions. Players may be put on

IR even though their not on the NFL’s injured reserve list, BUT! They must have a valid injury.

  1. You can draft as many players as you wish in any position, however, you can only have 16 on the roster.
  2. Each week you must turn in an active roster consisting of;

                                1 – Quarterback                    QB

2 – Running Backs               RB

2 – Wide Receivers              WR

1 – Tight End                        TE

1 – Kicker                              K

1 – Defensive Team             DF

                A - All starting lineups must be turned in before kickoff on Sunday. (1200 CST)

                       Log onto geocities.com/swaffl to turn your lineup in.

                B - The only other times that will change is for odd games, such as Thursday games.

                       In this case, you only need to turn in the players of that game before kickoff.

                       The rest of your lineup may be turned in on Sunday.

                C - If you do not turn in a lineup, the previous week starting roster will be used.

                      You cannot use any players from a Thursday’s game unless you specify the players

                       before kickoff. If you don’t specify any of your players for Thursday, you cannot

                       use any players in that game even if you default by not turning in your roster for that

                       week. You will have to use an alternate player. This prevents monitoring players on

                       Thursdays, then deciding by their stats whether to default on Sunday. This also will allow

                       owners to monitor their players up till Sunday to decide who they should start.

                       Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about this.

                D - The commissioner shall call his opponent each week to turn in his/her roster. This

                       should prevent any questions about keeping the fairness of the game. Especially when

                       the Commissioner wins the whole thing! Please remember, if you need a lineup, either call

       your opponent first or check your email.

                E - You may turn in your starting lineup by;

1.        Submit online @ swaffl0.Tripod.com

2.        E-mail me guys...

                                                A - Home swaffl@yahoo.com

                                                B - Work Henry.Townsend@wnco.com

C- When you submit your line-up online, the line-up will go to your opponent.  If you are unable to submit it online,

     Either call a friend to do it for ya OR call and leave it on my voice mail

     @ 214.792.2401.


**You need to e-mail your lineup! Please! Some people do not want to be involved in this**

We do not want our privileges taken away from us

7. To keep the integrity of the sport;

                                A. If you are mathematically out of the playoffs, you cannot trade

                                     any players. Please keep trying, be the team that spoils another

                                     teams chances !.........DONT GIVE UP! It’s not fair to the other


                                B. If you are caught throwing games, you will banned from the FFL.

                                    Come on guys, let’s keep it fair, no teaming up! Any suspicious

                                    acts will be voted upon by the league. Majority Rules!

8. You may get all the stats you need from the USA Today, Including the Injury Report.

     I will be keeping track of all the stats for each game, but I would like for you to double

     check it and if you have any questions, please call me.

  1. FEE’S

A             Franchise is 50.00

B             All transactions are 1.00

                I.e., Drop Sanders, pick up Smith, cost – 1.00

                 Trade Sanders to another team for Smith

                 Will cost 1.00 per team.

All fees’ go back into the pot to be divided at the end of the season.

10. Free agent requests are due on Wednesday by 1800 hrs. All awards will be sent out on

     Wed. Evening. Each team may make up to 3 free agent transactions each week. Each free

      agent is awarded 1 at a time starting from the team with the worst record to the team with the

      best record. If 2 teams have the same record, then the lowest cumulative score will get their 1st

      pick and so on. The waiver wire will be posted on the Web Page each week!

11. Tie Breakers for Overall Standings & Free Agents are as follows;

                a.             Overall Record

                b.             Head –to- Head Record

                c.             Division Record

                d.             Head to Head Points

e.             Total Points

12. Scoring (Minimum pts at any position is 0)

                Rushing / Receiving                            Passing

                1 pt every 10 yds                                  1 pt every 25 yds

10 - 19 yds             = 1 pt                      25 - 49 yds             = 1pt

                20 - 29 yds             = 2 pts                    50 - 74 yds             = 2 pts

                30 - 39 yds             = 3 pts                    75 - 99 yds             = 3 pts

                40 - 49 yds             = 4 pts                    100- 124yds           = 4 pts    and so on...........

                All TD’s are 6 pts

Fumbles lost         = -3pts

                Interceptions        = -3pts

                All 2pt conv.         = 2 pts Passing, Rushing & Receiving

                Field Goals                                            Extra Points = 1 pt

                1 - 39 yds               = 3 pts

                40 – 49 yds = 4 pts

                50 – 59 yds            = 5 pts

                60 +                         = 6 pts



                Fumble Recovery                 = 1 pts                   

Interceptions                        = 1 pts

Blocked Field Goals             = 2 pts    (Also Blocked Punts & Blocked extra pts are 2 pts each)

                Sack(s)                                   = 2 pts each

                Safeties                                 = 4 pts

                Td’s                                        = 6 pts

                Points Against (Inter Ret TD, Fum Rec TD, & Safeties, DON’T COUNT AGAINST THE DEF)

                Pts Allowed

0 - 2 pts  = 10 pts                                 

                3 - 5 pts  = 8 pts

                6 - 8 pts = 6 pts

                9 - 11 pts                = 4 pts

                12 - 14 pts              = 2 pts                                   

                15 + pts                  = 0 pts


Please call me if you have any other questions. Good luck this year guys, and don’t get blown away by the TEXAS TORNADOS!


                League Champion                                -               41 % of pot

                Runner up                                             -               20 %

                Each Division Winner                         -               5 % (3)

                Each Wild card Team                          -               2 % (5)

                Each Game won in the playoffs         -               2 % (7 playoff games)

13.                Draft Day

Draft day is Wed., Aug. 23rd @ 1200 hrs @ HDQ Trng Room B.

- Draft will be 16 rounds, ALL IN 1 DAY !!!!!

- Please come prepared, we will try to limit the time for each pick




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